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First picked up a guitar at the early age of 22 and within 2 years was playing Bass in new-age / jazz noise "Haytap". Then, via pub practice rock outfit "The Trolleydogs" to being asked to join "Trees-a-Crowd" on Mandolin.

I joined on Bass, the band became "Moonshine"an Anglo - Irish - bluegrass - folk - Poguesy expirience and the rest is lost in a fog of drink fuelled forgetfulness that my liver would rather forget!

Thereafter, came my first Ceilidh band, born of the hungovered ruins of Moonshine; the "Moonshine Celidh Band" (inspired!) with John McDonald (of whom more later) and a foray into the weird world of western clubs with the "Notorious Dawson Brothers" (New Country).

Then played guitar and sang in a pub folk outfit with aforementioned John McDonald on drum and singing, Michael Scrivens on Melodeon & Martin (if you give me a solo on this I'll play Colonel Bogie) Wildig on Fiddle. Martin went on to co-found "The Bang on the Wall Band", a dazzling spectacle of loud shirts, and I joined, first on Guitar, then on Bass.

Apart from a few years with "The Longhorns" a 'roots-rocking swampy Cajun feast of Americana' with Dawson Smith again, thats it for now folks!

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